Things that have helped my nutrition

  1. Do the basics well and consistently.
  2. Look for evidence-based advice. Good examples: Dr Mike Israetel, Jeff Nippard, “What’s the scientific consensus on x and cite your sources.”,
  3. Eat a wide variety of nutrient-dense foods. I find these tier lists useful — the fruit and vegetable ones are especially enlightening.
  4. Minimise heavily processed, highly-palatable foods.
  5. If you can’t help but eat some highly processed foods, add, don’t subtract.
  6. You don’t have to prepare a “dish”. Pair any protein with any carb with any greens, and just eat them on a plate, e.g. pasta tossed in olive oil, grilled fish, and some random root vegetables grilled in an air fryer. It doesn’t have to be coherent to be tasty or nutritious!
  7. Instead of recipes, learn the principles behind cooking. e.g. Why we cook food in oil, Why are a restaurant’s vegetables so much better than homemade ones?, Salt Fat Acid Heat.
  8. If you have a protein target to hit, don’t be afraid of consuming high amounts of protein powder (up to half of your daily intake), provided that it is free of heavy metals, and you’re eating a well balanced diet. Protein powder is convenient, cheap, and helps to reduce meat intake.